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eSpirALS is an innovative, new Learning Support management solution

eSpirALS is our web-based system for planning, tracking and monitoring all types of support. Whether you support 5 or 5000 students, eSpirALS provides an holistic approach to managing additional support and enhances the way in which information is recorded and shared.

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Who are we?

Renowned for our outstanding customer service and expertise, Midas Systems has been the leading supplier of Learning Support management solutions for over 25 years.

Mark Trinick

Mark Trinick


Mark has extensive experience of teaching, learning and support services. Under his leadership, the IT team brings a unique set of compatible systems and tools that demonstrate their commitment to the value and importance of learning support.

Holly Newton

Holly Newton

Director of Operations

Holly and her team provide friendly support and comprehensive training from implementation to mastering in-depth analysis of your support information.


Who is it for?


eSpirALS is suitable for any FE institution providing additional support that needs to track, monitor and report on:


  • Assessments
  • Support Plans
  • Support Provision
  • Effectiveness
  • Outcomes
  • Progression
  • Budgets
  • Agency Funding

We use SpirALS.¬† What’s new?


eSpirALS retains the important SpirALS features our users rely on but comes with significant improvements and benefits such as:


  • Yearly comparisons
  • Managed access college wide
  • Gather meaningful evidence at the point of provision
  • Highly configurable reports and dashboards
  • Support scheduling tools
  • Responsive, intuitive navigation

What’s under the hood?


eSpirALS has been developed using cutting edge technology providing a wealth of benefits:


  • MS SQL Server stores your data securely and robustly
  • Painless integration with your other systems
  • Responsive, web-based interfaces for desktop and mobile devices
  • One installation for your entire user base
  • Scalable system high capacity data storage

eSpirALS was formerly known as Atlas

eSpirALS is faster, smarter, and more reliable than any Learning Support management system I have used. It has become an invaluable tool in our department, and a welcomed asset to our College.
A.T., ALS Admin

City of Wolverhampton College

The support and customer service around eSpirALS has been terrific. There is always someone around to discuss any questions and run through how to navigate aspects of the system. All of the support from the team over the last few years has helped us to ensure accurate recording of our ALS data.
S.B., ALS Co-Ordinator

Newcastle College

The quality assurance process of the ALS provision is facilitated by the features and functionalities of eSpirALS Mobile which lightens the workload of the entire ALS team. eSpirALS allows us to work more effectively by spending less time on administrative tasks and maximising the time supporting the learners.
H.G., Learning Services Manager.

John Ruskin College

This has been our implementation year and, I must say that the reason this has been so easy is that I have had the support of the extraordinary team. Thanks for being so responsive.
S.L-F., Finance HNF Specialist Administrator.

Lambeth College

Our team is based in South East London. If you would like to contact us about eSpirALS or any other of our existing products and services please send us a message using the form below or contact us at any time using the details below.

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